Why Hymn Books Not Pianos?

Why Hymn Books but Not Pianos?

       Some may wonder how one could object to a piano in worship to God and yet have hymn books.  Neither is specifically mentioned in the New Testament.

Let’s illustrate with Noah and the ark.  When God told Noah to build an ark out of “gopher wood” (Gen.  6:14), that did NOT authorize Noah to use pine, fir, or cedar, for these are ANOTHER KIND of wood.  To use another kind of wood WITHOUT AUTHORITY would have been presumption.  However, that command DID authorize tools to build with, and red, white, or yellow gopher wood (if there be such), even though not specifically mentioned.

Likewise, when God said, “sing” (Eph.  5:19), that did NOT authorize pianos, guitars, and organs, for these are ANOTHER KIND of music.  To offer God another kind of music WITHOUT AUTHORITY is presumption.  But, the command to sing DID authorize hymn books, a leader, lights, and harmony, though not specifically mentioned. - Steve Fontenot