A Dog's Nose

  • A Dog's Nose!

    A friend of mine in the Navy had an uncle who did a good bit of lumber-jacking in the Northwest early

    in the 20th century. The biggest and worst surprise he ever got was in an Indian camp. The policy of the

    logging companies in those days was to stay on as good terms as they could for the sake of peace as well as

    prosperity. A nearby Indian tribe had invited them all for a meal, and my friend's uncle said the main dish,

    some sort of stew in a huge cauldron, really was not that bad. It was a different sort of taste, but it was all

    right. As a matter of fact it was good enough that he decided he wanted another bowl of the stuff. He got

    the dipper and stirred around in that big pot and dished himself up a 'mess'. Apparently, he dug a bit deep.

    Out of the depths of that pot he dished up - - - I suspect I had better just go ahead and say it - - - A DOG'S

    NOSE!! It's truly amazing how a fellow's appetite can disappear as he comes face to face (or nose to nose!)

    with the main ingredient!

    In the denominational man-made religious world of today there is something that tastes good. It may be

    the sincerity of its followers, although this is not enough in itself (Acts 26:9). It may be the beautiful

    buildings which please the eye, although Jesus points us to other things (John 4:20-24). It may be doctrines

    of easy acceptance, and simple belief, and no possibility of falling from grace, although Jesus demanded

    strict adherence and faithfulness to His ways, not ours (Revelation 2:10). It may be the appeal of the social

    gospel rather than basic concern for souls. It may be smooth and eloquent preachers able to paint beautiful

    word pictures instead of God's simple truths. But behind everyone of these things lies the old dog's nose: it

    is the tradition of men that makes for vain and unacceptable worship (Matthew 15:9).

    Men need to dip deep into their beliefs to see if it is God's truth or if it is the dog's nose. It may make

    you sick at your stomach, but you will at least know what you are eating. And it may just make you change

    your diet. "Prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God" (Romans 12:2). - by Robert