Cookstove Apostasy

  • Cookstove Apostasy

    The early church prayed in the upper room, the twentieth century church cooks in the supper room.

    Today, the supper room has taken place of the upper room, play has taken the place of prayer, and feasting

    the place of fasting. There are more full stomachs than there are bended knees and broken hearts. There is

    more fire in the range in the kitchen than there is in the pulpit. When you build a fire in the church kitchen,

    it often puts out the fire in the pulpit. Ice cream chills the fever of spiritual life.

    The early Christians were not cooking in the supper room the day the Holy Spirit came, they were

    praying in the upper room, they were not waiting on tables, they were waiting on God, they were not

    waiting for the fire from the stove, but for the fire from above. They were detained by the command of God

    and not entertained by the cunning of men. They were filled with the Holy Ghost, not stuffed with stew and


    Oh, I would like the cooking squad put out and the praying band let in, less ham and sham, and more

    heaven, less pie and more piety, less use for the cook book, and more for the Old Book. Put out the fire in

    the kitchen and build up the fire in the pulpit. - Published in the Gospel Advocate, May 30, 1935.