Illegal Immigrants


    The issue of illegal immigrants is a hot topic, both politically and socially these days, for there are

    millions of people in America who want the benefits and privileges of citizenship without going through

    the proper channels. Though they blend in and look in a way to be citizens, they really aren’t citizens.

    They don’t really enjoy the benefits of citizenship. They’re illegal aliens. This reminds me of a spiritual


    There are those who want to be Christians, but are unwilling to do what the Bible says to rightfully

    obtain citizenship. The Scriptures speak of a citizenship in the kingdom of God (Philippians 3:20) and

    those who are outside as aliens (Ephesians 2:12). So, the analogy is quite appropriate.

    How many people today bypass the proper channels of admission into the Lord’s church and begin

    seeking anyway to receive the benefits and privileges of citizenship? Some will clean up their life morally

    and think that is sufficient. Others will start “going to church” somewhere. While still others may pray the

    “sinner's prayer” admitting their guilt and professing their faith in Christ to forgive them, and think that

    gets the job done.

    But, the Bible says a man who believes the gospel of Jesus Christ and is then immersed for forgiveness

    of sins is saved (Mark 16:16). Elsewhere the Bible teaches repentance and confession of Christ’s lordship

    are also prerequisites of citizenship (Acts 2:38; Romans 10:10). Many, many folks have not complied with

    all of these requirements and are thus illegal immigrants in the kingdom of God. - Whit Sasser